The Camurus Lipid Research Foundation Prize Laureate of 2018 – Professor Stephen Hyde

  • CLRF prize for outstanding research:
    • The science of lipid self-assembly, structures and functions
    • Life science applications of lipid systems and technologies
  • 500,000 SEK (50.000EUR) award
  • Recipient of inaugural science prize in 2018
    • Professor Stephen Hyde, holder of the Barry Ninham Chair of Natural Sciences and ARC Federation Fellow in the Department of Applied Mathematics, Research School of Physics and Engineering, at the Australian National University. Stephen is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science
  • Prize ceremony & symposium Lund 23 April 2018

Stephen Timothy Hyde
has pioneered understanding of condensed atomic, molecular and macromolecular systems, revealing universality of forms within porous crystalline and liquid crystalline atomic and molecular matter over many length scales, from the nanometer to the micron scale. Starting from the highly ordered periodic minimal surfaces he has extended the concept of topological space partitioners to foams and polycontinuous multicomponent systems. He has demonstrated the relevance of non-Euclidean and topology to understand possible and actual structures of materials. His work has led to fundamental understanding of molecular and colloidal self-assembly and revealed the importance of curvature in dictating form in lipids, liquid crystals, block copolymers and colloids.

At the heart of his science is the understanding of the complex interplay between the mo-lecular intrinsic property of curvature to the extrinsic property of surface geometry of interfaces in liquids and solids.