CLRF Lipid Science Price 2018

The 2018 prize is awarded to:

Professor Stephen Hyde, holder of the Barry Ninham Chair of Natural Sciences and ARC Federation, Fellow in the Department of Applied Mathematics, Research School of Physics and Engineering, at the Australian National University. Stephen is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.

Stephen Timothy Hyde has pioneered understanding of condensed atomic, molecular and macromolecular systems, revealing universality of forms within porous crystalline and liquid crystalline atomic and molecular matter over many length scales, from the nanometer to the micron scale. Starting from the highly ordered periodic minimal surfaces he has extended the concept of topological space partitioners to foams and polycontinuous multicomponent systems. He has demonstrated the relevance of non-Euclidean and topology to understand possible and actual structures of materials. His work has led to fundamental understanding of molecular and colloidal self-assembly and revealed the importance of curvature in dictating form in lipids, liquid crystals, block copolymers and colloids.

At the heart of his science is the understanding of the complex interplay between the molecular intrinsic property of curvature to the extrinsic property of surface geometry of interfaces in liquids and solids

The junior prize is awarded to:

Dr. Selma Maric
Selma Maric received her PhD in biophysics 2014 at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. The title of her thesis was “Development of a Stealth Carrier-System for SANS Studies of Membrane Proteins”. Since then she held post-doc positions at the Karolinska Institute and at present at Malmö University. Selma has contributed with pioneering work on selective isotope labelling of natural lipids enabling new knowledge on structure and dynamics of lipid containing systems. The developed methodology is particularly relevant in light of the increasing use of neutron-based methods in lipid research and the location of the European Spallation Source in southern Sweden.
Dr. Alicia Gil Ramírez
Alicia Gil Ramírez completed her PhD thesis in Biology and Food Science 2015 at Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). Her PhD thesis dealt with extraction of hypocholesterolemic compounds from edible mushrooms. In 2017 she got a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships (MSCA-IF-2016) at Lund University to develop a novel approach for delipidation of soft tissue using Supercritical carbon dioxide in order to suppress the major cause of rejection associated with tissue transplantation.


* CLRF ( was founded 1997 by Professor Kåre Larsson (1937-2018), Department of Chemistry, Lund University and Dr.h.c. Gunnar Sandberg (1923-2007), GS Development, Malmö. Their collaboration began in the late 1980’s, with Kåre Larsson’s pioneering scientific discovery of cubic lipid liquid crystalline nanoparticles – Cubosomes, which applications were to be commercialized by Camurus AB. CLRF support multi-disciplinary research in lipid science, particularly focused at structure and function of complex systems and their roles and applications in biology and life science.